Where They Are Now!

Ivonne Diaz

Career: International Business
Graduation Year: 2020
University: Florida International University

“ TeamWork not only gave me the financial support to pursue my education but also helped me personally. TeamWork has been my biggest motivator to succeed and believed in me from day 1, which is why I made it my mission to make them proud. I am proud to say that I am currently working at Citrix, one of the most advanced technology companies where I handle all sales and business functions on a daily basis. I am eternally grateful and plan to one day be able to give back and help other students who were once in my shoes just as TeamWork did with me.

Esteban Cardenas

Career : Economics Masters/Teaching at Palm Beach county
Graduation Year: 2019
University: Florida Atlantic University

“Thanks to the financial support that TeamworkUSA and the Barham family provided I was able to not only attend college but fulfill my dream of earning a Master’s degree in Economics. I am currently teaching at the High School I attended, and as an Adjunct Professor at two colleges.”

Bernadyne Thelemaque

Career: Psychology major and business minor
Graduation Year: 2022
University: Florida State University

“TeamWork gave me the opportunity to focus on my studies while also opening doors, such as study abroad, that were previously closed. I am currently working on my Ph.D. applications to various schools around the country before my graduation date in May 2022.“

Nia’Symone Francisco

Career : Business Advertising with a minor in Sociology
Graduation Year: 2023
University: University of South Florida

“Teamwork has helped me focus on making the most of my college experience, such as having the opportunity to study abroad and join various clubs and organizations, rather than worrying too much about finances. I have gained a great support system through my donor, Ginny Kapelewski. I am so glad to be a a part of this growing network and I am grateful for my continuous receipt of this generous scholarship.”

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