Teamwork Leadership Society

The new TeamWork Leadership Society is an outgrowth of one part of our Elementary Scholarship Program which ended when we reached our goal of awarding 500 motivational scholarships. In the ESP there was a “Leadership Club” where the scholarship winners in each school met regularly with two top faculty members who taught them leadership skills and challenged them to do projects to improve their school or community. Seeing the students blossom in this setting, we wanted to keep that part of the program going in the same 14 partner schools. The TeamWork Leadership Society consists of students nominated by their teachers and chosen by a teacher selection committee. Meetings of the teacher supervised TWLS focus on character, good decision-making, community service and leadership qualities. A trip to a local college is the centerpiece of this grant program which TeamWork continues to fund. It is our hope that being nominated to be in the TeamWork Leadership Society is an honor that will motivate all students in the school to do their very best.

For more information about this program, please contact Dr. Sandra Strine at: