Student Instrumental Music Program

Instrumental Music Program – IMP School Grants

Over the past 30 years, educational research has demonstrated that students who study a musical instrument beginning in the primary grades are more focused and become more successful in school. Studies have shown that students who play musical instruments achieve greater levels of concentration, cooperation, attendance, and academic achievements across the board, including scoring higher on standardized tests throughout their school years.

Team Work USA is committed to supporting instrumental music education, primarily targeting Title 1 students who attend Title 1 elementary schools. Applicant schools should become familiar with The El Sistema and the VH1 Save the Music programs prior to completing this application. Both require a commitment by school principals, staff and parents to create a sustainable instrumental music education program long after TeamWork USA grant funding may expire.

Applicants should be aware that all items on the application are to be completed with school data supplied if necessary. Grant awards will be judged on the basis of the following criteria:

  1. Need and sustainability
  2. Evidence of Parent and Community Collaboration
  3. How Program Success Metrics are Defined and Will be Measured
  4. Project objectives related to student achievement, parent involvement
  5. How the Program will be used to support implementation of the Common Core Standards
  6. Timeline for project activities

School applications are reviewed by a selection committee comprised of educators and non-educators. Site visits and interviews are conducted with principals and key faculty members. It is our priority to support both fledgling and established instrumental music instructional programs so that within a relatively short time, programs can become a focal point of school culture and an enhancement to academic achievement. Grants awarded are for one year, potentially renewable, upon reapplication, for a second and third year.