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Instrumental Music Program Application 2020-2021

IMP Grant Application 2020-2021 New
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Dear Principal,

In accordance with the mission and vision of Teamwork, this application for an Instrumental Music Program Grant, known as an IMP Grant, is being made available to Title I elementary schools in Palm Beach County, based on 75% or more FRL eligible students. Completed applications are due by December 18, 2019. A subcommittee of the TeamWork Board of Directors will evaluate each application with grant awards announced to school principals on or around March 15, 2020.

TeamWork is committed to supporting instrumental music education on in grades K through 8. Its commitment is based on the successes of the goals and objectives stated by the VHS 1 Save the Music Foundation. Applicants should become familiar with these programs prior to completing this application. Both require a commitment by school principals, staff and parents to create a sustainable instrumental music education program long after TW grant funding may expire.

Applicants should be aware that all items on the application are to be completed with school data supplied if necessary. Grant awards will be judged on the basis of the following criteria:
1. Need and sustainability / Projected Three Year Budget
2. Evidence of Parent and Community Collaboration
3. How Program Success Metrics are Defined and Will be Measured
4. Project objectives related to student achievement, parent involvement
5. How the Program will be used to support implementation of the Common Core Standards
6. Timeline for project activities (completion of the chart provided in the application)

Grant amounts awarded will be based on item #1 and will be determined by the need for materials, instruments as well as support for existing or additional adjunct personnel necessary to provide an effective instrumental music education program. Schools with fledgling and/or existing instrumental programs are eligible to apply.

Once the application has been completed, submit the application to Kathleen Perry, Executive Director, TeamWork on or before midnight on December 18, 2019 at 602 NW 5th St., Boynton Beach, FL 33435. You may submit the application and direct any and all questions regarding the application to Mrs. Perry at

As part of the IMP Grant review process, schools applying will be subject to a site visit. Once applications have been reviewed, principals of finalist schools will be contacted to be interviewed together with any of their relevant staff members, by Teamwork Instrumental Music Program Committee Members. It is therefore, important that all contact information is included.

Thank you for your leadership in improving the lives and learning of Palm Beach County students.